14/08/11 - plenty Weblog Update


2014.08.11 mon 12:36


Yesterday was ROCK IN!
It felt great!
Seeing everyone’s smiling faces, I enjoyed it a lot!

Now by the way, live house Kashima LOOP in our home town (well strictly said not Itta’s but it’s a matter of feeling) will close soon.
It means that we will lose a home where we can return to.
Even though we feel lonely, we have to move on.
The song “Tegami" that we released recently is about such feelings.

We will hold a concert in Kashima LOOP on August 27th!
The first LOOP since we’ve become a 3-piece band 
but also the last LOOP
Please come and have fun.

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140810 Rock in Japan Festival 2014 Setlist

  1. Tegami
  2. Machiawase no tochuu 
  3. Sono jojou ni
  4. Waku
  5. New Song (It’s called “イキルサイノウ“ (Ikiru sainou / Talent for living), we should expect some great falsetto)
  6. Aoki hibi


Machiawase no tochuu:
"彷徨えど僕は行こう いつかのあの約束の場所まで”
Even if we’ll wander around (we) will go   Until (we)  

Sono jojou ni:
That’s not right. That’s not what I want.
This isn’t right. This isn’t what I want.
This is what I want to do 

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140805 “30分一本勝負” Live at Kichijouji Warp reports summary


plenty “One-game match for 30minutes”

1. Tegami
2. Machiawase no tochuu
3. Kore kara
- MC -
4. Waku
5. - New song -
6. Aoki hibi

No encore

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plenty : 

江沼 郁弥 : Vo.Gt

新田 紀彰 : Ba

中村一太 : Dr

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140804 Bits of Enuma’s Challenge Radio Telephone Interview

(Host): Charessu! (signature greeting of the show)
Enuma: Charessu!
Kouzuma: Don’t you sound quite energetic today
Enuma: No, not true. Are you implying that I always sound depressed /laughs

Kouzuma: Where are you today?
Enuma: Today I’m at home. Sorry if the line goes off suddenly /laughs

Kouzuma: I met Nitta at andymori's concert in Tokyo, but I didn't see you. Were you there?
Enuma: I was. They got me a guest seat, but since I am a fan and listener of andymori I didn’t want to take the vip seat and watched while standing. I didn’t meet anyone /laughs. While Nitta was sitting there shamelessly~

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14/08/04 - plenty Weblog Update

New member

2014.08.04 mon 12:40


Hello everyone

Well a lot of announcements has been made.
First of all a drummer joined us!
Nakamura Itta!
25 years old.
The same age as us.
I guess I’ll talk on another occasion about the whole story.

You know, I’m just really happy right now!
Feels like I could fly away!
Tomorrow I will perform with the very same excitement! The location is Kichijouji warp!
A one man live for 30 minutes only!
Sorry for such short notice!
But I really want you to see the current plenty sooner, and we also have new songs I want you to listen to~.

The very first one man live plenty had was also here in Kichijouji warp. On top of that, it only lasted 30 minutes because we didn’t have enough songs back then.
We will start from here again.

A new song!

Tegami MV


Original text here

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[Lyrics] plenty - Tegami (jp/rom/tr)

(Listen to it here)



このまま 僕ら このまま



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